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No-dig garden beds – an overly literal interpretation?

The infrastructure is all there – 8 or 12 raised garden beds set in a Pademelon-proof enclosure. However the previous owner’s interpretation of the no-dig garden bed method seems to be overly literal: the whole lot looks like it’s probably suffered neglect and abandonment for most of the 4 years that they lived there!

Previous owner's interpretation of 'no dig' garden beds!

A literal interpretation of ‘no dig’ garden beds!

We couldn’t get past the gate, let alone find a path between the beds, until after a brisk attack with a whipper snipper to clear a couple of tracks into the plot.  I did manage to hand weed one of the beds, which must have been in use a little more recently, as I unearthed a number of strawberry plants (far left of the pic below), all still looking reasonably healthy.

Partial path cut through; strawberry plants  resurrected

Partial path cut through; strawberry plants resurrected

The other beds are going to take some serious work to restore, as the grass and weeds are so deeply entrenched that I could neither pull them out or cut down to the full depth of their roots. I had time between the lengthy showers of rain to take the growth of one bed back down to about 10cms with shears, and I think I’ll be following my nephew’s advice and smothering them with carpet/blanket/heavy newspapers, with the hope that they’ll break down over a couple of months or so.


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