After making a move across the world 26 years ago, from England to Australia, I’m now in the process of transitioning from Victoria to Tasmania.

In many ways, a bigger move than the first. Not just a move between states, but also between various states of being: from work to retirement; from a 1/4 acre block in a rural town to 5 acres in the country; and from a hurried life to a more mindful, more sustainable  lifestyle.

It took nearly two years of searching to find a property. Not the perfect property (does it even exist?)  but one that ticked the most boxes  for the most important criteria at this time. We now have a house in Victoria that we’re readying to sell, and a  home in Tasmania that we’re preparing to move into.

Along the way there’ll also be posts about some of my environmental pursuits: a love of native flora & fauna; an interest in renewable energy in general – wind energy in particular (I’m a BIG supporter of wind power!). I’ve also had a lifelong passion for  most things textile-related; a long time designer/knitter by both hand and machine and, more recently, a love affair with hand weaving using my ‘herd’ of looms.

You might get to peek into aspects of my past history (some surprises to be found there) and you’re quite likely to hear a little about my life with MS – it can make the journey somewhat challenging at times!


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